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 Our Projects

NOTE: Full disclosure of project details is restricted due to confidentiality agreements with clients. Thank you for your understanding.

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Quick Facts

As of 2024, MCP has successfully completed 181 MW of Mining sites construction, with an additional 78 MW currently in progress. We proudly offer our project management and construction services across the entire United States.

Mountain Ridge


Site O 15MW (1MW Box)

Our client chose to build a 15MW facility with 1MW box in a dust-heavy location. We successfully executed the planning and construction within three months, addressing both water and dust issues, powering up the site efficiently and on schedule. 


Site D 10MW (30 days completion)

This site presented no significant challenges, and everything progressed smoothly. MCP efficiently completed the entire construction from start to finish in just one month.


Site N 10MW (Air-cooling + Hydro)

The site owner requested the installation of 6MW hydro cooling units and 4MW air cooling units, along with the construction of an office. Additionally, city regulations required us to set up a noise barrier between the facility and neighboring properties to reduce ambient noise. To date, the facility operates smoothly, and there have been no noise complaints from the surrounding community.


Site H 20MW (Warehouse)

This site is particularly special as it marks our first project converting an old warehouse into a mining facility. Unlike typical mining sites that use containers, this facility houses all its machinery indoors. Despite numerous challenges, such as digging trenches in the concrete floor and setting up a cable bridge to run cables from sky to underground, we successfully completed the project.

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