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Construction Crane



Construction Manager (CM)

In the short term, the role of the construction manager is primarily based on a cost-plus-fee structure. This means we will oversee your construction project with a focus on optimizing costs, saving time, and ensuring overall efficiency.

General Contracting (GC)

MCP provides comprehensive General Construction services, taking control of your entire project from start to finish. Our offerings include but not limited to electrical, plumbing, and civil work, ensuring a seamless integration of all necessary components. Our team of experienced professionals manages every detail, allowing you to simply wait and review the final results with confidence in our high-quality outcomes and timely delivery.



MCP offers professional services in electrical construction. Our team of engineers will gather your requirements and data, perform calculations, and run simulations to ensure the accuracy and safety of the electrical systems. Recognizing that electrical construction is one of the most critical aspects of site building, we are dedicated to delivering precise and reliable solutions.


While plumbing may not be as critical as electrical construction, it still plays a significant role in any project. No one wants to deal with water leaks during a hot summer or frozen, cracked pipes in the winter. A reliable plumbing system ensures the smooth operation and stability of the site, preventing such issues and maintaining comfort and functionality year-round.


Civil construction typically spans the entire duration of a project, from inception to completion. It encompasses a variety of tasks, including landscaping, digging trenches, and covering surfaces with gravel to prevent dust. These activities are essential for laying a solid foundation and ensuring the site's long-term functionality and environmental stability.

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