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One stop Bitcoin mining solution

Mine Crypto Pro, Inc. (MCP) stands as one of the largest and most seasoned developers, builders, and investors in the American cryptocurrency mining landscape. Birthed in 2021 from the fusion of a commercial real estate team with 50 years of experience and a global supply chain team boasting 30 years of expertise, MCP is designed to satisfy the soaring demand for crypto mining infrastructure development in North America.


Continually energized to serve both new and returning clients, MCP proudly offers One Stop Cryptocurrency Mining Services. Our accomplished team excels in Site Finding, Engineering Design, Procurement (inclusive of Miner, Mining Container, UL Electrical Equipment, and Supplies), Logistics, and Construction.


Having deeply immersed ourselves in blockchain technology, we've become seed investors in a Web3 liquidity solution platform, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the innovation and growth of the digital asset ecosystem. We are optimistic about the future of this industry and look forward to growing together.

Team Member



DU began his career in the real estate industry. Over a span of 8 years, he accomplished achievements by developing more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial and residential buildings. These projects collectively amounted to over 100 million dollars in value. DU ventured into the field of international trading, where he facilitated transactions worth over 100 million dollars. This experience likely provided him with valuable insights into global markets and trade dynamics. Recognizing the growing demand for mining farms in North America, DU founded MCP (Mine Crypto Pro) in 2021 to contribute to the increasing demand for crypto currency mining operations.


Douglas Jiang


Douglas CFA CPA is a highly accomplished professional with a strong educational background and extensive experience in the financial services industry. Over the course of his career spanning more than 15 years, Douglas primarily revolves around the full life cycle of investment operations for a quantitative global investment manager. This includes managing various aspects of investment processes, such as analysis, reporting, and compliance. Douglas is well versed in dealing with equity and derivative securities, and he possesses a deep understanding of global markets. Douglas earned his Master's degree in Accounting from the Boston College Carroll School of Management. Douglas brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.


Andy Lin

CTO/Head of Engineer

With an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering degree, this professional excels as a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager, known for outstanding problem-solving abilities and strategic design optimizations that boosted a startup's profits beyond $1 million monthly. His track record includes overseeing seven mining farms totaling over 100MW capacity. As a CTO, he leverages emerging technologies and aligns IT strategies with business objectives, driving growth and solidifying his role as a transformative tech leader.


Steve Shen

Director of strategy planning 

Steven Shen is an integral part of our team at Mine Crypto Pro, serving as an experienced Location Analyst and Business Planner. Armed with two master's degrees in GIS and Project Management, and the distinction of passing CFA Level III, Steven excels in delivering comprehensive spatial analyses and strategic business planning. His expertise enables him to craft insightful business plans and make informed location-based decisions, blending technical GIS knowledge with financial and strategic acumen. Steven’s approach to problem-solving is both innovative and pragmatic, ensuring our projects are not only visionary but also grounded in practicality.


Gigi Yu


Gigi began her career in the retail industry, where she quickly distinguished herself as a national top salesperson. Seeking new challenges, Gigi ventured into the fitness industry and established a franchise. With a hunger for continuous learning and exploring new opportunities, Gigi co-founded an international trading company with DU, where they facilitated trading transactions worth over 100 million dollars. She has an eye for emerging technologies and is actively involved in the Web3 space as a Venture Capitalist, investing in projects in this innovative field. Currently, Gigi holds the position of COO, overseeing its operations. Her diverse background in retail, franchise, and international trading has equipped her with the skills to effectively manage and lead a complex and growing business like MCP.


Cathy Meng

Operation Manager

Cathy holds a Master's degree in Sports and Entertainment Management from the University of South Carolina, and she also has a background in Transportation Engineering and Finance from the Civil Aviation University of China. With her experience in the aviation industry, Cathy has worked for one of the largest airports in China. Throughout her years of service, she has developed skills in management, coordination, and customer service. Currently, Cathy holds the position of Operation Manager, where she oversees the sales department and plays a key role in driving revenue growth. Additionally, she also has responsibilities in overseeing the supply chain, ensuring the efficient flow of goods and services within the organization.


Nick Huang

Environmental Engineer 

Nick with an Environmental Engineering degree, joins MCP, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through innovative engineering solutions and effective project management. As an Environmental Engineer/Project Manager employee, I play a vital role in driving our mission forward. My expertise, dedication, and passion for sustainability are the driving forces behind our success. With a focus on environmental stewardship and sustainable development, we tackle complex challenges head-on, delivering tailored solutions that meet the needs of our clients while minimizing environmental impact. Join us in our commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference—one project at a time.


Bowen Sui

Software Engineer

Construction Team


John Cirillo

Direct of Infrastructure

Detail-oriented Project Manager with project manager experience since 1997 in all facets of the construction process. John is skilled in assembling teams to complete projects from the conceptual stage to occupancy. • Assembled budgets for Owner’s development and grant applications. • Estimated and assembled costs for competitively bid projects. • Upon award of projects, reviewed subcontractor bids to assure compliance with the contract drawings/specifications/addendum etc. • Developed scopes of work and assembled contracts and purchase orders. • Coordinated all site activities to assure construction proceeded in accordance with the contract schedule and per the contract documents. • Daily on-site inspection to assure 3rd party testing and monitoring was completed, OSHA safety regulations were followed, and subcontractors were working together in coordination of their work. • Headed up meetings with Owner and subcontractors, adjusting schedule to meet the anticipated completion date and updating the project budget. • Created payment applications to Owner and reviewed subcontractor payment applications. • Assembled closeout documents .


Brian Frost

Senior Project Manager

Brian is a highly experienced construction professional with an impressive 22-year track record in the industry. His expertise covers a wide range of construction activities. He can effectively manage and lead teams on construction sites, ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently. Safety is a top priority for him, as indicated by his OSHA Safety certification, which demonstrates his commitment to maintaining a safe work environment for himself and his team members. Brian's additional certifications as a Certified Waterproofing Engineer and Lead Certified professional enhance his qualifications. These certifications showcase his specialized knowledge in critical areas of construction.


Steve Holiday

Land acquisition

Steve Holliday is presently engaged in land acquisitions for crypto mining facilities, regulatory negotiations, and electricity provider consultation. Additionally, Steve provides the necessary land acquisitions to construct the various mining sites. Steve has a proven track record of success in the financial, operational, and regulatory arenas, turning around troubled businesses. Steve has close regulatory relationships necessary to solve existing regulatory, financial, and personality issues, they may exist in different states. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the utility and environmental industry and is well versed in the areas of utility management, operations, and public relations. He has considerable experience in dealing with clients, state/federal regulatory agencies and other governmental entities.


William Paul


With 36 years experience in the construction industry, William has extensive expertise in all aspects of construction and pre-construction administration and is certified by the Construction Specifications Institute as both a Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) and a Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA). William is active in coordination of the permit process with the Architect, landowner and government agencies.


Paul Willard

Project Manager


Justin Klotz

Assistant Project Manager


Joshua Deinzer

Electric Engineer

Supply Chain Team


Joyce Wang

Direct of Logistic

Joyce started in logistics over a decade ago. She has worked for air carriers and also owns a successful forwarding company that services in the West Coast and East Coast in US. Joyce will be honored to provide services to our partners in the forwarding business. Joyce will be key to be ahead of competitors to become a one stop shop in logistics and will be also play part of General Manager role. Joyce will work along side with various logistics partner to advance to service to the next level.


Elsa Zhao

Licensed Customs Broker

Elsa has 12 years of experience in Customs Brokerage industry handling customs clearance,highly skilled in organization and time sensitive control. Good at manage and oversee shipments and documentation with import/export goods, moreover, monitor and maintain budget and billing reconciliation maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.


Diana Dai

Head of Procurement

Special Consultant


Francis Gorman III

Legal Counsel

FL is a partner at Harris Beach PLLC, a national law firm, focusing on commercial real estate, land use and zoning and merger and acquisitions. Prior to joining Harris Beach PLLC, FL was the Director of Legal for litigation and operations for a private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Director of Development for the Mid Atlantic US for a family office real estate and construction company and most recently served as a Partner and Co-Leader of the Real Estate Development and Cannabis Industry Teams at one of the largest and oldest New York State based law firms. FL has participated in over $3B in transactions in his commercial real estate career. He cuts thru the bluster and balderdash nonsense to close deals.


Anthony DeMiglio

Environmental Consultant

Anthony expertise extends beyond commercial real estate, as he possesses over 20 years of experience in assessing and treating hazardous environments. This vast experience has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of safety and health management, HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) grant management, environmental consulting, project management, and contaminants investigation. Anthony possesses the expertise to assess and provide guidance on environmental issues, particularly those related to hazardous environments. He may have been involved in conducting environmental assessments, remediation planning, and regulatory compliance in various projects.


Alex Hung

Financial Advisor

JD/MBA with 20+ years tech banking, real estate and private equity experience including cross-border and Chinese transactions Currently a senior partner at Phalanx Impact Partners, a private equity fund focusing on growth stage energy transition and waste to value companies Previously helped grow multi-billion U.S. multi-family and private equity backed Chinese real estate platforms Began finance career at bulge bracket investment bank closing debt and equity offerings and advising on M&A transactions


Michael L

Professional Engineer

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